Newsletter October 2011

Garvel Deaf Centre

Newsletter October 2011

Changes at Garvel Deaf Centre
Along with a new acting Head of Establishment, Eileen Burns, we have a new Primary 6/7 class teacher, Ms Ruth Gibson. Two new pupils also arrived this session, one in primary 6 and one in primary 1.
The children now spend some of their day in Moorfoot Primary school. Nearly all pupils undertake PE there and some pupils go to Moorfoot for their maths lessons.

The deaf education department for secondary pupils has moved from Gourock High school to the new Clydeview Academy. Our Primary 7 pupils will move their next academic year.

School Council
Meetings took place on the evening of the 3rd October to discuss the setting up of a Garvel Deaf Centre Parent Council. There was a good turnout of parents and hopefully a Parent Council will be established.

Primary 6/7
The Primary 7 pupils have been involved in activities with their Moorfoot classmates. They have attended a five week ice skating course at The Waterfront in Greenock.
They also watched a play about life during World War 2 in Britain called “During the War”

Primary 1/2/3
The primary 2 and 3 pupils attended a football festival in Gourock along with their Moorfoot classmates. Primary one watched a theatre production about “Stranger Danger” in Moorfoot

Primary 1, 2, and 3 have been enjoying their topic about mini beasts. Our primary 1 is also learning about herself through the topic “Look at Me” and primary 2 and 3 are learning about “People who Help Us”. They have visited the police and fire stations and have interviewed other people who help them, for example the school cleaner.

Harvest Gifts
The pupils attended the Church for the Deaf for their Harvest festival. Many thanks for the wonderful donations made to contribute to our harvest offering.

Rotary Shoebox Scheme
We are taking part in this year’s Rotary Shoebox Appeal. They are looking for boxes to be filled with toys or household goods such as washing powder, soap, shampoo etc. or items suitable for teenagers such as make-up, toiletries, combs, mirrors etc.

You will get a leaflet home explaining the scheme. Parents who would like to donate can either have a box sent home or send items into the school. We hope to have all donations in by 18th November.

Christmas Dates
Wednesday 14th December: Christmas Party at Funworld with pupils from Hamilton School for the Deaf

Thursday 15th December: Christmas lunch in school

Friday 16th December: School Christmas show (all parents invited)

Date to be confirmed: Hopefully we will attend a signed performance of a pantomime in Glasgow.

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