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August - December 2012

Since moving in to our Base within Moorfoot Primary School in August 2012 we have had a very busy time but are settling in well. This year we have 5 pupils in the Primary section and they are all following mixed timetables between mainstream classes and our Base unit where they mainly receive specialist language help for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Most of our pupils receive speech and language therapy from Jean, our trained specialist who visits once a week in first term and will continue fortnightly in each of the second and final terms.

We have taken a full part in Moorfoot life joining in Walk to School Week, P2 and 3 pupils leading the school’s Harvest Service, P4s visit to Rothesay Castle to round off their topic learning about castles, P2s numerous visitors while they learn about ‘People who help us’, Moorfoot’s Health Week, P7s involvement in Inverclyde’s warm up to the Commonwealth Games and many, many other activities and we are only just into December.
Several pupils and parents also joined in the Moorfoot PTA Hallowe’en Disco and it looks like more pupils will join this event next year now that the photos have been published.

A new and very welcome addition to Garvel’s curriculum has been the ability for our pupils to enjoy school clubs either during lunch breaks or after school and we hope that this will become routine for our pupils now that we are part of Moorfoot Primary.

So far, Philippa (our P3 pupil) has enjoyed being part of the gymnastics coaching at lunchtime and it seems Jamie could be a very welcome member of the Moorfoot senior football team as he not only has a passion for the game but has the skills to make a great contribution to the team. Jamie seems to be quite an all-round sportsman as he also enjoyed the after school rugby coaching at the beginning of term.

As a P7 pupil Jamie has become fully involved in routine class life as a monitor at morning and lunch breaks either in the dining hall or in younger classes along with his peers. This is the sort of experience we could rarely provide before for our pupils but will become routine life for them within Moorfoot.

P7s have also started their ‘transition’ classes preparing them for moving to Clydeview Academy next year. This was a very successful programme last year when we watched 5 of our former pupils take a full part in this and we look forward to another interesting year ahead for Jamie. He will, along with his class, meet all the other pupils from the feeder primaries at various events such as sports days, life skills lectures, tours of the high school and timetabled days within the school etc.

All in all a busy start to our inclusion in Moorfoot Primary.
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