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Climate Change

Garvel Pupil Council led a Moorfoot Primary School assembly on Friday 1st March called ‘Climate Change’.

The pupils researched the topic; made a power point presentation and organised their own speeches then presented it all to Moorfoot pupils and staff. The following Friday Moorfoot staff and pupils joined us for a’ Swap it! Don’t bin it!’ event in school which was a great success and we may well repeat in future years.

We also took all this work along to Clydeview Academy for their cluster schools meeting on the evening of 19th March, when the pupils bravely stood in front of a huge crowd of parents, pupils and staff and presented their power point once more. This was a very exciting night for all. And in case anyone in Inverclyde had missed it we took the same presentation along to the ‘Inverclyde Enterprise Show’ in Greenock Town Hall on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th March, though this time we left the pupils working hard in Moorfoot and just took their presentation on computer.

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